I don’t work like other artists, it’s just easier when I do things how I want to. My focus wasn’t to build an album, it’s finding other talent and collaborating with them to complete a track. All that other stuff is bonus. I just like making music. A PreLab is something I created. It’s pretty much the preview of a track a producer makes. I’m sure for the most part they only post no more than 45 second to prevent getting ripped off. After digging through beats or getting them sent to me directly I listen and then immediately start writing the song, then record it raw sending it to the producer. If they like what I can do on their track we move forward in getting the entire thing complete. If not, well… on to the next. Distance is a non-factor. We have a great benefit called the internet and I’ve chosen to use it to connect with other talent and create, create, create while supporting & even promoting great music people are sleeping on.

Now I’m heading to LA to complete my very first album after on PreLab, DJ Jese from the Dominican Republic is all in.  His fresh new beats and Sade/Macy Gray thing I got going on…together. Every so often as we move forward I’ll upload a raw version of a song that will be completed and put on the album!

Check out my YouTube link in the tab up top to find the first PreLab entitled “Conspiration”.


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